LIVESTOCK SALE
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 An AUCTION of quality beef, goat, lamb, pork and turkey



2018 Buyers & Supporters

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Congratulations to the Livestock Sale Scholarship Recipients

Past recipients of a  Livestock Sale Scholarship: Sam Chenowith, Robert Miller, Meghan Norris, Sean Klein,  Ethan Feidler, Kenneth Feidler, Dan Zaccagnini, Amanda Ensor, Michael Meadows, Lisa Wheeler, Amanda Childs, Shaw Civiarese, Eric Ensor, Hannah Patterson,  Kaitlyn Pontuti,  Allison Seyfert, LeAnna Wheeler, Chelesa Whitaker, Sara Beck, Ashley Blum, Jennifer Coroneos, Brooke Cashman, Ashley Treadwell, Eddie Cashman, Shelby Sheats, Dawson Jones

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